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We can see that Java still dominates today. It is because, with every new version of Java, there are tons of improvements, it's robust, has many tools and backed by enterprise business. Little promotion, by the author of this article: If you want to code efficiently and get a well-paid...

]]> java https:/fc5/blog/java-streams-filter-map Mon, 28 Jan 2019 19:13:00 +0000 Guest Post Blogging- https:/fc5/blog/guest-posting-blogging We're looking for guest bloggers to write articles about web technologies, latest trends, e-commerce and online marketing.

The content has to be interesting, unique, not used anywhere else.

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Top 15+ Free WordPress Theme Providers of 2019- https:/fc5/blog/free-wordpress-theme

A WordPress theme can be one of the decisive factors which define the purpose of your website. This is the reason why every tech pundit recommends to give special attention to the layout of a theme. A poor theme selection can lead a viewer to completely misunderstand your website objective while a decent theme selection will always lead to further possibilities of success with the viewers.

A theme in WordPress is just like a drawing canvas where you express yourself and your business. Premiu...

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Free WordPress Plugins Recommended by the Experts- https:/fc5/blog/free-wordpress-plugins-recommended-by-the-experts

Google analytics, Slack, Buffer, Yoast SEO. You might hear these words before. What do they have in common? They are one of the most popular WordPress plugins. Useful, easy to use and set up.

What is the reason that you would like to read this article? The answer is simple. When you ever have thought about being an entrepreneur in a service or consulting industry, one of the “must haves” is your website.

Whether is blog, ecommerce store or simple one pager, it is hard to build an empire with...

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Noclassdeffounderror Java- https:/fc5/blog/noclassdeffounderror-java Your page content goes here.

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The Ultimate Android OS Battle: Android L vs Android M- https:/fc5/blog/android-l-vs-android-m

Google released the developer preview of its next version, called as Android M, on this year's I/O conference. While Google current Android version Lollipop was aimed at visual aesthetics, Android M on the other hand, will mainly focus on optimization and enhanced battery life. So, for those who would like to know about the major differences between both the Android versions, this post will provide useful insight on what's new in Android M vs Android 5.1 Lollipop. But, before heading straight to...

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Emerging Trend Of Java EE Microservices- https:/fc5/blog/emerging-trend-of-java-ee-microservices

The way we design our application has evolved from monolithic to microservices.


With microservices, we have landed into the next phase of evolution phase of system architecture and web design. IT space is growing to be more complex as developers are striving to render excellent robust functionality while not compromising with the design of the solutions. With the advent of numerous smart devices, they are f...

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13 Must-Have WordPress SEO plugins in 2019- https:/fc5/blog/13-must-have-wordpress-seo-plugins

Optimizing a website for higher rankings on search engines takes time, patience, and most of all, a keen sense of ‘where’ to direct the efforts.

Search Engine Optimization is a subtle science/art, something that was looked over in the race to stuff as many ‘relevant keywords’ as you possibly can in a post. But now that practices like those are outdated (and penalized), optimizing titles/meta tags is also equivalent of barely scratching the surface.

To delve deeper and get better, here are 13...

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Joomla and PHP 7- https:/fc5/blog/joomla-php-7

What is Joomla?

Joomla is a free content management system. As per a past survey, more than 25 million website owners have deployed Joomla services to keep their sites vibrant and operational. The company holds more than 10.3% of the market share and offers services in more than 204 countries.

In this article, we'll go through features of Joomla 3.5 and compare it to features introduced in Joomla 3.4 and focus on big change in PHP world – PHP 7. We'll also focus on native support of PHP 7...

joomla,php https:/fc5/blog/joomla-php-7 Sun, 13 Jan 2019 21:11:00 +0000
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